wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

at home engagement photos

Engagement Photos at Home

In my opinion, at-home engagement photos is the best location for intimate and truly personal photos. Think of them as a snapshot of your day to day.

Engagement Photos NYC

Over the last 10 years as an engagement photographer, I have photographed in every borough of NYC, but no location is more special than incorporating your own home into your engagement photos. Think of it as a true snapshot of a moment in time. These photos tend to be a bit more chill and laid-back and perfect for the couple that loves the sanctuary that is their home.

Tahira & Addison

Tahira & Addison invited me to their NYC apartment for a cozy engagement session in the fall. As we hung out, Tahira and Addison walked me through some of their favorite routines they have at home. They made coffee, snuggled on the sofa, & made each other laugh. Both Tahira & Addison are incredible musicians, so it was great to incorporate a bit of their beautiful music into the session!

Why Couples Should Consider At-Home Engagement Photos

1. Comfort

Home sweet home right? I don’t know about you, but my home is my sanctuary. I honestly feel so comfortable in my space and the easiest way to chill when you’ve never had a photoshoot before is to be in a space that is familiar and important to you. Home is exactly that.

2. Time Capsule

To pick a location, such as home, serves as a time capsule into your daily life together. If you live together, you’ve probably made great memories in your home and these photos will help to preserve one of the spaces you lived in as a couple.

2. Jam Session

The jam session may be specific to Tahira & Addison, but the idea is that at home, you usually do something together. Maybe it’s eating ice cream or baking. Perhaps you’ve taken up puzzles or playing cards. Come up with a few ideas that are personal to you as a couple and have fun with it!

4. Incorporating Your Pets into your at-home engagement photos

Incorporating pets into your at home engagement photos is one of my favorite parts of engagement sessions! We can even take your furry friend for a walk! Pets are a great ice-breaker and I tend to do couples photos incorporating the pets first!

5. Have A Pillow Fight, Or Pillow Talk

This is a great time to make each other laugh or to share special memories with each other. The idea here is to reminisce and talk about all of the good times you’ve had during your relationship.

6. Go For A Walk

Ok, I know this one isn’t directly at home, but I consider your neighborhood at home. Chances are you’ve walked a bit together, especially if you have a pet, but your neighborhood can also tell the story of your love.

I’d love to hear about your routines or some activities you love to do at home together. Feel free to contact me about your photos (they can be just because photos too!). We can capture the little fleeting moments that tell your love story!

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How to prepare for your engagement photos

Let’s Connect!

I’d love to hear about some of your at-home routines and to capture those fleeting moments!

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At Home Engagement Photos | Why you should consider home for your photos


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