wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

Proposal photographer NYC

Planning A Marriage Proposal

Planning a proposal is no small feat. Hiding the ring may be a bigger one – you have to be sneaky and you have to have a great hiding spot (snoopers, amiright…?)… I digress. You have found your love and you want to spend the rest of your life with this human. Asking someone to marry you is kind of a really big deal (you can do it!). I’d even say, when it comes to some of the really important questions that you might ask in life, “Will you marry me?” is probabbbbbly near the top of that list. As a proposal photographer in NYC, I have been witness to many proposals all over the city and each one is so special. Proposing in New York City is one of the most romantic gestures and people come here from all over the world for this very reason. I’m here to give you some pro tips for proposal ideas and making sure all of the little details are in place for the best proposal pictures ever, says your proposal photographer ;)!

Have A Plan

Before you get down on bended knee (and before I start to rap like Rev Run in this Jagged Edge remix), I’ve compiled a few things to consider before asking the big “Q.”

I know you’re feeling all kinds of pressure to have the perfect proposal idea, so repeat after me, “I can do this!” Whether you both prefer a quiet night in or something totally over-the-top, how you choose to propose will, without a doubt, be one of the most memorable moments you will have in life.

When it comes to the proposal planning, I suggest starting with a brainstorming session. Come up with ideas you think your partner will love the most, one that is truly genuine and a reflection of your adventures. Think about the ways you can make the moment special for your person. Try to incorporate a location that is meaningful, a favorite memory, or perhaps something completely new that you both have always wanted to do – here’s looking at you, skydiving. You can also personalize a proposal by inviting the people you love the most to be part of the celebration, whether it’s holding up a sign, or a celebratory dinner, this one is most definitely a nice touch. Hot tip, suggest a mani (and pedi because why not) around the time you are planning to propose. The hands will definitely become center of attention for a bit.

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Figure Out The Right Moment


Now that you have some proposal ideas, let’s talk about “when”. Timing is everything. Well, not everything, but it can play a huge role when it comes to the timing of your proposal, especially if you have a proposal photographer capturing the moments. Let’s start with the date. Are you planning on proposing in NYC? This city could be home to you or you could be coming from home to this city, so make sure you plan accordingly. If you live here, think about the time of year and what that means in terms of the foliage and weather (read, outfits). If you are planning on having a NYC proposal and you’re traveling, I suggest planning for the middle of your trip.

The other part of “when” is time of day. This should sort of depend on what you have planned before and after asking. I suggest taking into consideration the lighting, and that is something as a proposal photographer, I can help you out with. Generally the couple of hours before sunset are ideal, but if you ask me, I think any time you propose, is the ideal time of day. I can help guide you to the best places to propose in NYC that have the best lighting for whatever your plans need.

Proposal photographer NYC

Best Places to Propose in NYC

Sure, Times Square and the Empire State Building are great, iconic even, the truth is.. most New Yorkers give Times Square a wide, wide berth. Empire State building is great, but as a NYC proposal photographer, I’m going to tell you the views from the Top of the Rock are way better. I’m gonna let you in on a few other secret places and ideas that I think would make for very memorable proposal pictures. I’ve gone pretty in depth about my favorite locations for NYC engagement photos, so I’ll give you a few different suggestions from those.

NYC Proposal Ideas

Private Rooftop Proposal NYC

If you want a private oasis in the middle of Manhattan, the Midtown Loft and Terrace is your spot. The terrace provides a private space for a planned NYC proposal. You can have a wonderful flower and candle setup and then take in the gorgeous wrap around views of Manhattan with your Fiancé (fian-YAY!), including the Empire State Building. If you’re looking for where to propose in NYC that includes a rooftop, this is definitely a favorite. Head to a wonderful dinner at Ilili after for a post-engagement celebratory dinner!

A Classic NYC Proposal

It doesn’t get any more classic than a Central Park proposal. The opportunities for great backdrops are endless and your proposal pictures will be forever timeless. For a unique proposal idea, I suggest renting a row boat from the boat house and heading out just on the other side of the Bow Bridge. If your proposal timing is around sunset, the light will be perfect for your proposal photographer. Just make sure to angle the boat so that we can get a lovely reaction shot. And please remember, YOU’RE ON A BOAT. No need to be in the lake, you have dinner plans after. Rowing not your thing? The Lake is still a beautiful backdrop all year round with many different vantage points.

A Sunset Proposal

Governors Island is just a quick ferry ride from Manhattan and one of the best places to propose in NYC with the city skyline in the distance. This spot is perfect for a sunset proposal. Set up candles to match the city lights. Watch the stars come out (we do have a few that we can see in NYC) and then head back on the ferry either to Manhattan or Brooklyn for a celebratory dinner. You can even spend a summer afternoon riding bikes and having a picnic before popping the question.

Gone Sailing

How does sailing along the Hudson, watching the skyline as you float by sound? This proposal idea is sure to make for memorable proposal pictures. I highly recommend reserving a private charter for the two of you. Or, you can propose on land and have guests waiting on the sailboat for a celebratory sail alongside Manhattan on the Hudson, post-engagement!

Hiring A Proposal Photographer NYC

You’ve planned an epic experience (I’m not crying, you’re crying) that will never be duplicated. As an expert proposal photographer, I can help plan your proposal as well as be there to capture the exact moment your lover says, “YES!” Most people are so in the moment that they tune out their surroundings. This makes it the perfect opportunity to show in photos the scene of the proposal. Proposals are a great reflection of raw emotion and are truly some of the most touching photographs as a proposal photographer that I make. By having proposal pictures, you can share the details with family and friends after the fact.

Proposal Pricing

Packages available upon request

High-res images with no watermarks

Online viewing and print purchasing gallery with easy image download.

Travel included for anywhere in the New York City area. Available for proposals worldwide.

*Proposal Planning prices upon request.

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If you have a proposal idea or need help planning a proposal in NYC and beyond, let me know!

If you’re looking for other awesome location ideas, say hi here.

Let’s Connect About Proposal Photography!

I’d love to hear about your proposal plans and to photograph your fleeting moments!

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