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wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

It is a tremendous luxury that an artist takes for themselves, just to go down their own rabbit hole, into whatever engages them. You couldn’t have a more luxurious life than that.

-Kiki Smith

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

"What time is it?"

Because they are way too busy having F.U.N. We all know time fliiiiiiies when you’re having fun. And it flies twice as fast on your wedding day. TRUST.

Hi, I’m Leila and for over a decade, I’ve been photographing couples all over the globe—6 continents! (Antarctica, anyone?!) And even in the most luxurious places, the most special moments I've captured are the ones where the couple simply takes time for themselves. To truly experience their wedding with all their senses: to taste the food, hear the music, touch each other's hands, and to see their guests celebrating them. Those moments are the best to live and to remember.

You know what question I never hear from a couple on their wedding day?

If time tells us anything, it’s that memory is fragile. In the moment, we can't ever imagine forgetting a single detail. But we do. I'll photograph those moments in a candid, timeless way so your memories of your incredible day stay fresh; my images will become hundreds of little gifts for generations to enjoy. 

I firmly believe in Love All Ways, Always Love.