wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

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It's just a normal Monday. You're paging through your wedding album, and as your eye catches each photo, you remember, you re-live, each moment. Everything about the day: the anticipation, the joy, the emotion, the exhilaration of that exact moment it all began, surrounded by your people. You can feel it, because you lived it; captured forever. That's what I want for your memories.


i'M Leila

Yes, all of those eee's are necessary. 

I photograph a lot of people. A LOT. Almost everyone (actually, everyone) tells me they're not photogenic. I get it. I'm the same way. But, what I see, is something so incredibly different. We are never truly objective of ourselves, and, funny enough, neither are our loved ones. What makes us beautiful is subjective: our smile, our energy, or the way we make someone feel... 

So, On your wedding day of all days: have the time of your life.

...And your lover will want every photo they can get their hands on because, in one way or another, they will remind them of YOU

Because the secret sauce to epic photos is to have an epic time. 

For (well!) over a decade, I’ve been photographing couples all over the globe—6 continents! (Antarctica, anyone?!) And even in the most luxurious places, the most special moments I've captured are the ones where the couple simply takes time for themselves. To truly experience their wedding with all their senses: to taste the food, hear the music, touch each other's hands, and to see their guests celebrating them. Those moments are the best to live and to remember.

And, if time tells us anything, it’s that memory is fragile. In the moment, we can't ever imagine forgetting a single detail. But, we do. I'll photograph those moments in a candid, timeless way so your memories of your incredible day stay fresh; my images will become hundreds of little gifts so you never forget. 

I firmly believe in LOVE ALL WAYS, ALWAYS LOVE. 



Playing or watching sports. 

Traveling. I'm an expert at getting lost. And I love these people.

In Spanish class, because, Miami.

Reading, because, airplanes.

Mikey, my greatest teacher. 15+ years wise.

It is a tremendous luxury that an artist takes for themselves, just to go down their own rabbit hole, into whatever engages them. You couldn’t have a more luxurious life than that.

-Kiki Smith

WHAT sets us apart:


and say OMFG!

"Ian and I got your email last Thursday as we were getting on a train to Boston. We spent the next 3.5 hours poring over them and reliving the day - literally, the entire train ride. And tears were shed! We, and our families and friends, are completely blown away by how these turned out. They are so beautiful and you are beyond talented. The vivid colors, the film photos, the rain, I could go on and on!! And I have so many favorites. Thank you for bringing the best energy on our day in the heat and the rain. Your effort truly shows in the photos!  

Thank you for exceeding our expectations and for being the best photographer, (and investment) ever."


Signature Work

Capturing the essence of your day, unique to you, bringing your love to life through photos in what I lovingly call: Moving Stills.