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Fleeting Moments, remembered Forever.

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... For The Love

We live life, we travel over oceans, we stay up all night, we do hard things. Sometimes the details are a little fuzzy, sometimes they feel like home, sometimes it's even a little messy - this is love, after all.

The best way to remember is to actually forget. Forget we're here to make photos; let it all go, just simply be in love with each other. The photos will happen; they'll be made beautifully with love; they will flood your senses with the memory of it all. So, let's run & wander, and hear the whisper of the wind, smell the salty sea, live in the moments, and love with your whole soul...  Shall we dance? 






"Thank you for our forever memories and for capturing everything so beautifully and organically; your pictures totally took us back to the day <3!! And thanks for being such a ray of sunshine, and so wonderful to be with all day!"

— Eli & Arjun

"Thank you so much from Nick and myself, and our families. We are all so appreciative of your adaptability and how you handled the crowd…you are such a pro!!"

— Peyton & Nick

"I have developed a slight obsession, just continually looking at these photos and appreciating more and more about them. It's like a hit list of everything I loved when I first found your page and it's all of our own day now."

— Amy & Joe

"I have not blinked. The photos are incredible. I legit have never used the word magic or magical ever before and it's the ONLY word for what happened. Thank you SO. MUCH."


"You're my favorite eyes, favorite internet date, favorite wedding guest, favorite round-the-corner lurker. We will treasure these photos dearly for the rest of our lives and can never fully express our gratitude for all that is you."

— Also Amy & Joe

"It is so amazing to have hundreds of little gifts capturing our day perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu."

— Heather & Jordan

"Leila is always there at the right time capturing the moments. On the packed dance floor, the bride who was dancing all night btw, wanted her flats and Leila was so attentive and focused, that she brought them for the bride. It's important to be present as a photographer, yet you want a photographer that blends into the party. That's why I love working with her. "

— andrea - the hudson project

"In a digital age, you really understand the luminous light & colors that only film can capture. Our photos permeate with romance - they are stunning!" 

— Megan & Conrad

"Well. There goes the rest of the week.  I. Am. So. Obsessed. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you again for capturing all of these magical moments!"

— Lily & Stephen

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