Have fun together. That's the secret to truly beautiful wedding photos. Live in each other, live in your memories together. It's about the people you've collected along the way, the good times and the laughs that you've shared, the places you've seen and the places you've yet to go; your love story is truly yours. Those fleeting moments, the ones that transport you back to an exact feeling during an exact time, those uninhibited moments of freedom all brought you to your wedding day. So have fun with your person and all of the people celebrating you.  




I'm just a human doing what I love to do. Simply put. Over a decade ago, I set out with the intention of photographing people in their favorite places on one of the happiest days of their lives. Little did I know that this journey would teach me about the human experience - each adventure showing me how to understand people better and finding the deepest meaning of what makes people themselves, for no two stories are similar. When I photograph a wedding, I see layers within scenes, multiple stories happening at once, and I work to seamlessly capture these little fleeting moments. I'm a travel and wedding photographer based in NYC & LA, but love to be a nomad - your destination is never too far - I'd love to hear about your celebration plans!

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travel lays the table for the feast you enjoy sitting still back home. stillness is the end point of any trip; it's the way you convert sights into insights & bring the experience home.

-Pico Iyer

Are you planning to propose in NYC? As a proposal photographer, I can help you in the planning process so that you can focus on what’s most important! A YES!

My go to NYC Engagement photo locations broken down by Borough with photos and maps of my exact spots I use for every session. 78 LOCATIONS!

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