NYC Bomb Cyclone 2018 | Leila Brewster Photography

The bomb cylone, also known as explosive cyclogenesis, Winter Storm Grayson, or Blizzard of 2018, in January of that year was one for the books. The North East is known for having Nor'easters, which brings a freezing storm surge to cities, but this bomb cyclone had a rare set of circumstances. My California self had no idea what a Nor'easter was until I moved to NYC - I'll gladly take my LA winters over any winter. Basically, what happened for the bomb cyclone to occur was that there was an immediate drop in the central pressure of the storm - creating incredibly cold temps. So what did I do? I grabbed my cameras, stuffed all of my pockets with hand warmers and ran out to photograph my beloved New York  City blanketed in snow. 

bomb cyclone


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