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newborn photography

los angeles, ca

the park family

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the park's newborn photography session

I love it when returning couples call me for their newborn photos. I photographed Jamy & Andrew’s wedding in 2013 and was so excited when Jamy reached out to let me know they had a baby boy! We had a wonderful time hanging out at their home in Los Angeles for their first family photos!

We started the family pictures by giving baby Michael a bath. Then Jamy dressed him in the cutest bloomers. Jamy & Andrew have the most beautiful big windows in their bedroom, so naturally I thought that would be the best location in the house for the session. I love the little moments of being new parents - the gentle touches and the wonderful baby smell! Their dog was such a good helper and wanted to be so close to Michael, making sure Jamy had everything she needed. 

Film developing: The Find Lab

tips for a newborn photoshoot

tips for newborn photos

As cute as babies are, they kinda just do whatever they want. Sometimes they are a true bundle of joy and sometimes they are just communicating what they want. Honestly, we never know how a newborn photoshoot will go. Babies are cute, but unpredictable. Please don't hesitate to ask anything! Always remember that you know your baby best, so please don't hesitate to bring up any concerns or suggestions. Crying, inability to soundly sleep, bathroom breaks, and the need for more food and more are all normal! I am always here to help! I've put together a few tips to hopefully alleviate some of those stresses. 

family pictures locations

To make sure everyone is comfortable, newborn photos at home is typically the best. The baby is familiar with the location and you have everything you need there, including backups. Don't worry, I have seen plenty of homes post-baby so I get that life is a bit crazy at the moment. I can work with you to pick out the best spot and help you tidy up if I need to! I typically photograph newborn photos with natural light as their eyes are still sensitive to light. If you prefer to get out of the house, a studio session is great as well! Just make sure to bring backups with you!


Naked babies get cold. One of the stress-reducing things we can do is to keep the temperature up to about 80 degrees. Space heaters are great too! If we're going buns out, I suggest loosening the diaper about a half hour before we get there. This will hopefully reduce any diaper lines. 

feeding & breaks

I know how I get when I'm hungry, so I can only imagine being a hungry baby. A quick meal and some cuddling goes a long way. I welcome feeding times, and if you're open to it, photographing the intimate nursing moments you may have. It is also helpful to feed your baby before your session so that they will be ready to sleep.  

newborn photos wardrobe

Anything and everything is welcomed. Just keep in mind that we may not be able to get to every outfit in one sitting. I suggest prepping two to three outfits for a standard newborn photoshoot not including buns out. If you want just diaper, I suggest a pair of cute bloomers to cover the diaper. We can add variety by changing up what the newborn is laying on, so having a few options for texture is great!

family photos

If you have other children, or even fur-babies, we can include them as well! If you are incorporating pets, just make sure someone has a hold of them because their emotions can change quickly and I want to make sure everyone is safe in these moments. 

what to wear

I know, the last thing on your mind is what to wear for family photos, but I suggest keeping clothing simple. Soft, neutral fabrics are flattering and don't distract from the baby. Stay comfortable, that is the key!

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