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maternity photoshoot


sammi & rob

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maternity photoshoot | sammi & rob

Sammi & Robb's maternity photoshoot took place in their gorgeous light-filled apartment in NYC. I had the honor of photographing Sammi and Rob's Connecticut wedding in 2016, so I was so happy for them when they told me they were expecting a baby girl. The parents-to-be wanted a very organic feel to their pregnancy pictures, highlighting the quiet moments before the baby's arrival. I photographed the maternity photos in both color and black and white, but love how the black and white images are so raw. 

For a maternity photoshoot, I suggest for the mama to be around 6-7 months into her pregnancy - where you are showing, but you're not too uncomfortable. I love photographing moms wherever they feel the safest and most confident. Below I have compiled a list of tips for the best maternity pictures. 

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Tips for a beautiful maternity shoot

Aside from the swollen ankles, crazy hormones, lots of other changes that probably don't make you feel your best, one of the most beautiful things you can do with your body is to grow a human. HOW COOL IS THAT!!?? Maternity shoots should celebrate this special gift and the strength it takes to be a woman creating life. I'm here to tell you that you are beautiful and that these moments are truly worth capturing. My goal during the maternity photoshoot is to have you feeling strong and beautiful and to show the love you have with your baby. You are your baby's first home, let's celebrate it!

Over the years, I have gathered a few tips for expecting moms to consider before and during their maternity photos. 

have fun!

My most important tip is to have fun. This is a CELEBRATION of what being a woman is. Have fun with it and think about snuggling your little baby. If a certain pose or outfit makes you uncomfortable, tell your photographer. The more comfortable you are the more fun you'll have. The camera can pick up on emotions, so the more carefree and happy you feel, the more your photos will reflect that! 

treat yo self! 

Maternity photoshoots are to celebrate YOU. If having your hair and makeup is your thing, then go for it. If that's not for you, I suggest having your nails clean and neat (if your person is also going to be in the session, I suggest for them to have a manicure as well). I focus a lot on the belly and hands usually end up in the shots. Also, don't forget your moisturizer (lips included)! Pregnancy hormones can effect skin, don't worry, if there is something that you are self-conscious about, just let me know! Posing and lighting are key, but retouching can really elevate your photos!

try different looks

Have a few options available to try. The main goal for your outfit is to feel comfortable and confident. Feel free to cover all the way up or to be bare. Some pieces that I recommend: A maxi-dress - remember comfort is key and there really isn't anything more comfortable than a maxi. A maxi looks amazing on any pregnancy body because it's incredibly flattering! It covers and it shows in all the right places. A maxi is great because it can also add movement to the photos. A belt is a great way to accentuate your beautiful belly. The belt will pull in any loose clothing and create a waist line that defines your belly. If you are comfortable wearing tight clothing and don't mind showing off your curves, opt for a tight bodycon dress. They are great for prenant women because they truly show off your amazing pregnant body! For timeless photos, go with a simple look, jeans and a top are great. A textured knit top will also look great with jeans and add a layer of dimension to the photos! I suggest a bandeau over a bra - strap marks are often visible.

maternity photography nyc

Consider the location. Do you have a specific look in mind? Are you looking for more studio style, or for a more relaxed feel at home? Perhaps you prefer being outside in nature. Where will you feel the most comfortable? The advantages of doing the shoot at home are comfort and connection to your surroundings; the place you will bring your baby home to. Disadvantage of maternity photos at home... you'll have to probably clean the place. The advantage of a maternity photoshoot in studio would be the clean backgrounds and everything would be set up for you. You can most likely choose from different backgrounds to relay the feeling you're looking for. You can shoot anytime regardless of weather or lighting. The natural beauty of a pregnant woman in a gorgeous location is breathtaking. The parallel of being a mom out with Mother Nature is pretty powerful. The shoot would be weather dependent and timing would most likely be limited to sunrise or sunset. If you want more than one location, let's do it!! 

who should accompany you for your maternity shoot

This is entirely up to you. This can be a session just for yourself if you want. It's always great to incorporate your significant other. Same goes for other kiddos! It's nice to have a combination. I suggest starting solo, then adding people in slowly! If you bring kids, I suggest bringing a babysitter with you to keep the kids occupied. Some of my couples come for maternity portraits with each pregnancy and it's so nice to see the family growing!

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