wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination

wedding photographer nyc | Miami | la | destination



in love?

My process lets you focus on that, not the other stuff. I'll be there to guide you. 

To create an enjoyable environment where you feel confident and beautiful. I move seamlessly amongst you, capturing all the parts of your day, candidly. And it will never, ever feel stuffy. 



A lot of photographers talk about light, but I'm just as passionate about light as I am the shadows. The shadows bring the emotion, the drama. They show us how the scene feels instead of just how it looks.

Film allows me to keep the detail in both the light and the shadows. It gives your memories the whimsical nostalgia we all love to feel, but provides enough grit to show the real stuff too. The photos become about the depth of feeling in the moments, and it's the perfect medium to show you the complexities of what I see.

what you can expect

All of the fun details about

There are no mock-ups or photo tastings when picking your photographer.

I wear many hats in the months leading up to your wedding day & I happen to bring every . single . one with me when I photograph your fleeting moments. It’s SUPER important that you not only love my work, but that you also like me. We will spend 8-10 hours together. I'm an observer of your story, not a character in it. So you won't feel me over-posing or meticulously directing you. I will show you how your love looks to the rest of us, the ones humbled to witness it. (And I can tell you this much: it always looks beautiful from where I stand!)


We can grab some ice cream or meet over the phone. You share how you met, what you love to do, your proposal story, what you envision for your wedding and reserve your date!   


You can expect prompt email, text, & phone replies. I believe in an open line of communication about your wants & photo wish list. I'll work closely with your planner to build a timeline and give recommendations for the best lighting. 



You enjoy every .  single .  minute of your day: breathe it in, feel it! I'll be there to capture your fleeting moments as you dance long into the night. While you're off to your honeymoon, I'll begin telling your love story for your family to enjoy for generations.

I'll arrive early with a great energy and guide you where needed. After the wedding, I'll send you a sneak peak (within 24hrs!) for you to relive and share, and cry all over again. 

newly wedded bliss


Once your images have been given the polished touch, we'll begin perfecting your heirloom album design. We'll also go through and select your favorite images to be framed for your home.

This is one of the most important steps in the wedding planning process, but it is often overlooked by most couples. This is the time I help you preserve your fleeting moments. Your memories should be displayed - not on a USB in the back of a closet, or in a cloud somewhere. 

heirloom album + framed art


You had the wedding of your dreams and partied to the wee hours of the morning. Having an album brings all of those moments together.

You will love your wedding album today as much as you will 50 years from now. Your wedding photos become heirlooms, traveling with you through different chapters of your life. My hope is that your future you and the next generation will look at your wedding album and remember the joy and the love that you felt in every moment. Your album will be timeless.

One reason why I love framing wedding photos is because you are pretty much guaranteed to smile every time you pass by. Hang them on your walls, take them to work, or give them as gifts that will be cherished for decades.

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment"

-Henry David Thoreau

You've got questions, I've got answers. Below are some of the questions I receive from couples. Let's make your wedding the best party you've ever had. 


Do you shoot film or digital? 

Both! I'm what the 'wedding industry' calls a hybrid photographer. By being well-versed in both mediums, I can apply my knowledge to the event and select the best option based on different factors, such as lighting and weather. I would say I use film about 85% of the time - filling in with digital where I see fit. I do carry both of my cameras on me throughout the day, so not a moment will go undocumented. After your wedding, all film and digital are edited for a cohesive gallery of artful wedding photos. 

Can I customize a collection?

YEP! Once you receive my investment guide, please let me know the individual items that best suit what you are hoping to receive in terms of deliverables. I will follow up with a tailored collection for you to review. 

Is travel included in your collections?

Travel is not included in the initial investment guide, but some areas are frequented and considered home, so just ask! As each couple's needs are unique, I'd love to learn more about your wedding plans and what you need photographed. I then customize a quote and add it to your collection. I prefer to handle all of my own travel plans as I have status with airlines and hotels and have waived baggage fees.